Ecology at Albany

Research Groups

We are a diverse group of ecologists and evolutionary biologists at Massey University, Auckland. Follow the links below for more information on each of our research groups, what we do and what really makes us tick!
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Avian Acoustics Research

We study the ecology and behaviour of New Zealand bellbird, North Island saddleback and other birds. Our focus is on the function and evolution of bird song.

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Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation

We are a broad group of behavioural ecologists and conservationists with a focus on New Zealand birds and reptiles.

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Cetacean Ecology Research Group

The Cetacean Ecology Research Group (CERG) undertakes a wide array of marine mammal research within and beyond New Zealand.

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Human-Wildlife Interaction Research

Our research interests include animal behavioural ecology and the effect of human induced changes on behaviour, life history and fitness of wild animal populations

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Evolutionary Ecology Group

Our group seeks to address major questions in evolutionary ecology, such as how global patterns of biodiversity and species life history traits inform us about evolutionary processes.

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Invertebrate Communication and Ecology

Our research investigates how the evolutionary, developmental and social history of an individual influences adult behaviour, with a focus on the functions and mechanisms underlying behaviour itself.